Who is Januari Rhodes The Quilted Ginger?

Hello, I’m Januari Rhodes, now known as The Quilted Ginger.

I have been a fiber junkie for over thirty years. Textures are a passion, visual or tactile is doesn’t matter. Love, Love, Love it. So when I went to the International Quilt Festival back in 2011 I reconnected with my creative side the moment I laid eyes and hands on a longarm for the first time. I played with them ALL! Can I just say I was on sensory overload! If it wasn’t the quilts, it was the vendors, if it wasn’t the vendors it was the machines. Yowza!

Then while at home over the next couple of months I dreamed and researched the companies. Joined every online group that would let me join.  Only had one group that was snobbish enough to say “You don’t have a **** Machine so you can’t join”. I found out the good and the bad and the ugly of owning a longarm. Made tons of notes. Just ask my girlfriends Kathy, Julie and Christine. They saw the Blue Binder. I even went so far as to send out questionnaires to all of my guild members ( http://www.kgquilters.org/ ) who graciously filled in the three page survey. Love my Quilt Sisters.

The spouse kept listening to me gush about all the new things I found out about “this machine” and finally one day he came down to his man cave and found me watching Fons & Porters Love of Quilting. You guessed it there was a longarm being demonstrated. “Is THAT the THING you’ve been talking about?” Was his first question. Then you all know what the second one was, “How much does one of THOSE cost?” He didn’t pass out and over the next couple of weeks we looked at finances and how to make longarming a business. The final trigger was pulled at the February 2012 Hampton Roads Quilt Show.

Lilly would be mine. The Innova 26″ on a 14′ frame with Lightening Stitch and Pantovision.

The man and I set to getting the “Studio” ready. AKA the two car garage. It needed to be able to be switched back into a garage when we leave, got to think resale value, so it was left industrial looking. It received Kobalt cabinets and ceiling storage racks, along with the grey epoxy floor with paint flakes. Lots of lighting and a couple of channel mold electrical outlets along with a new paint job. The most perfect part was the industrial closet rod with storage above.

Industrial Closet Rod for quilt hanging.
By the end of April 2012 “Lilly” had arrived and I was watching every You Tube video out there. I even quilted my first quilt before I had my Innova Longarm training at Let’s Quilt, of St. George Utah.

Fast forward to 2015 and my quilting is now on the front cover of a book!

My Quilting on the front cover.
Quilt number 600 will come off of the frame this week! Wow the quilts and time has flown.



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  1. I just completed a flannel/wool appliqué that is 86 wide by 82 long. I saw the lovely quilting you did on the Uhuru guild’s raffle quilt. I would like custom quilting. Are you interested?


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