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Taking Stock Of My Personal UFO’S

As we begin 2017 I spent some time looking through my stack of UFO’s and realize that I will need to add some personal time blocks for the eight quilt tops with backing and binding all waiting to go onto “Lilly” (my Innova Longarm). There are another seven which have been started and are in various states of completion. Sadly it gets even worse as I find five satchels containing fabric, books and/or patterns, and sometimes the special tool/ruler. Wow! Really didn’t realize that I was that far behind.

My plan is to add just one on my quilts in the queue each month and set aside some time behind my sewing machine. If all goes well there is a good chance to get twelve of my tops complete and potentially have all of my other projects to the completed top stage.

What does your UFO stack look like? What is your plan to reduce the stack? How can I help you? Longarming? Binding? Custom Embroidered Label?